Pastor Brima Bob Deen


I am a Sierra Leonean; I fled my country because of the civil war. I sought refuge in The Gambia, West Africa, where as a refugee, successfully established a refugee school (Institute of Professional Administration & management) IPAM-Gambia. Trained, supported, and inspired thousands of fellow Sierra Leonean refugees, Liberian Refugees, Nigerians and The Gambians themselves, in Gambia. Most of them now have good jobs, working for the Gambia government, and private sector, some of them traveled to England and some to the United States of America.


I traveled to the US in 2002 after the repatriation of Sierra Leonean refugees. I studied Global Business Management (Business Management in the new economy) at the University of California, Riverside. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA. After graduation, I wanted to return to continue developing the refugee school into a University. Nevertheless, after feasibility studies in Alexandria Virginia, i came up with astonishing results, more Sierra Leoneans suffering in the United States of America, than those i helped in Gambia. This statistics was based on the lack of American education.

Most Africans entered United States with degrees, or some kind of education, however, without American education; it is hard to find good jobs. I decided to establish a training school (The Salvation Academy) to help them get American education and get a better job. The first two years was so amazing; registration was not only people who have just entered the country, but people who have been in the country for more than 20 years, were signing up for Nursing Assistant and basic computer classes. One of the evening classes, a lady in her fifties told me she has been working as Nursing Assistant for the past 15 years, two months ago, lost her job and about to lose her house. We pray together and trust God on her behalf. She completed her training, gets another job, save her house and went for further studies. She is currently a License Practical Nurse. I work with my wife and ministry partner Ghislaine Deen at the school and the church. For more information; you can visit our web site. ( or cut and paste this link into your browser. The school gave birth to our church (The House of Faith-Salvation Academy Inspiration Center) we bring suffering community members to the saving GRACE of Jesus Christ through education. Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) my people perish from a lack of knowledge. It’s one thing to know your Bible, but it’s another thing to KNOW the God of the Bible. The scripture is our inexhaustible textbook that we teach from, the Lord Jesus our boundless subject and the Holy Spirit our divine infinite helper. We teach our clients FAITH. We get help through the Holy Spirit, so we can help them put their FAITH in action through employment. Bibles says if we don’t work, we should not eat.  ( 2 Thessalonian 3:10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: "If a man will not work, he shall not eat."



Salvation Academy is an alternate educational institution that directly delivers post-secondary education opportunities in educationally under-served communities that lack access to colleges and universities. We work in partnership with employers and other institutions of higher education that complement our efforts.


1. To provide inspiration for people of different nationalities, care for the children and families in our disadvantaged communities.

2. To link donors with poor children and families in countries where we operate.

3. To establish vocational education and development projects that address the basic sources of poverty.

4. To assist refugees and victims of disaster




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